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Swebus Express AB, trading as just Swebus between 2009 and 2018, was one of Sweden's largest long distance coach operators. Swebus had a "seat guarantee" for journeys bought at least 24 hours before departure, meaning it promised to bring in the necessary extra coaches in case of extensive booking on a departure.

On Aug 2017 an outraged customer wrote a review for Facebook - Swebus Norge about how badly the service it was: Absolutely sick bad service. Stopped staying in Hbg and forces travelers to go to Malmö and wait 3 hours for a bus when the bus still passes Hbg. Sickly bad !!!!


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Matt Bentley-Walls says

"Swebus employee had my bag locked up, the next day they tell me they’ve lost it. My bag has over £36,000.00 of content in it. Four weeks later they have neither returned my bag or reimbursed me. No one at Swebus wants to take responsibility."

Maria says

"Terrible human treatment. Just had a trip with a shamelessly rude driver. Never taking Swebus again."

Jesseca Greear says

"Bus never came. Bought ticket for next bus, which was the last one of the day, for 20 minutes later, since I didn't know whether the Swebus was ever going to come. Emailed Swebus. Their response was that I should get a $4 voucher. Cost of bus was $16. Voucher would not help me since I'm a tourist and not planning on being back in Sweden for some time. Not recommended."

Catarina says

"November 13, 2017, Borås Resecentrum to Landvetter, bus should have LEFT 18:30. It arrived 22 minutes late!! No customer service to call, they close at 18:00. No text message, email, or any kind of notification; we're just waiting for the bus to show. I'm already running to get a taxi when I see the bus turn up (22 minutes too late). Since there was only one person waiting with me, the bus stops for seconds only. So I rush back and literally stand in the driver's way so that he let me in (which he did, thanks a lot). I barely made my flight. Prepaid tickets and you get this. Unacceptable. I can't recommend this company if you have a flight to catch."